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Miscellaneous Information:

The JCAA (Japan Composers and Arrangers Association) was established in 1970. In 2011, the JCAA consists of over 200 members, and all of whom are professionals working in the  Japanese music and entertainment business. Their work covers mostly all genres of music, from contemporary to jazz, rock, pop music, commercial to art music. Many members of JCAA are taking important roles in JASRAC and other working groups. JCAA became a General Incorporated Association in 2010. JCAA's objectives are:

  • to maintain and expand the rights of Japanese composers and/or arrangers
  • to educate for gifted young musicians
  • to improve the knowledge and skills of composers/arrangers
  • to improve the qualities of Japanese culture.

JCAA is now the largest and most influential musicians' society in Japanese music and entertainment business.